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    As a component of a USDA-funded project, Harnessing artificial intelligence for implementing integrated pest management in small-grain production systems, the University of Idaho is developing a system to automatically identify insects in wheat and other crops based on submitted cellphone images. To develop this system, we need your help with collecting a large number of photographs of pests and beneficial insects observed in cereal cropping systems (cereals and rotation crops) throughout the region. We will use these photos (hopefully thousands) to train our computer algorithm to enable the system to generate the most accurate identifications of unknown samples.

    To help us develop this tool, please upload insect photographs through the form above.  The final product would acknowledge your assistance.

    Tips for optimally taking an image

    • If using your cell phone, enable Location Services (how do I do this?). This will automatically geolocate your images.
    • Zoom in and center the bug in the frame.
    • In general, the higher the photo quality and the closer, the better.
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    Poor quality
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